About Us

What is Walk The Ramp?

"I have nothing to wear" is the dilemma of the past.

A fashion revolution is here !
Your dream wardrobe makeover can now happen as and when you like. Walk The Ramp lets you subscribe to a innumerable new styles, keeps up with new trends and changes your wardrobe shelves every day. As slow fashion gains momentum at a fast pace, Walk The Ramp aims to reduce the carbon footprint led by obsolete fast-fashion. Fashionistas of the new decade are equal parts – economical and fashionable. Catering to the modern, who like a dash of newness,  but plan to whittle their shopping habits, Walk The Ramp gives them access to a rotational wardrobe curated from the signature collections of the most coveted designers across the globe.

Whether you’re seeking the most-desired look for a special event or a regular wardrobe makeover, rent your spot in stardom. With a wardrobe that’s unlimited, usher in the times where no style statement remains untapped. Why splurge on it when you can rent it and WALK THE RAMP!

A Few words about our dream

Our Team

Turning over a new sartorial leaf, the crusaders of ‘Walk The Ramp’ add a fresh vision to fashion with a shopping experience that leaves an impression and makes you want it more.

Pradeep Hirani

Pradeep Hirani is an Double MBA , and a Law Graduate. Pioneering luxury fashion retail in India, he is the founder of Kimaya, the biggest shopping destination that has hosted choicest couture creations of India’s leading designers since 2002.

Neha Hirani

A partner owner of Kimaya, Neha Hirani is one of the biggest fashion luminaries in India. With over two decades of experience, she has been the brains behind curating the most-coveted collections of Indian couturiers for the fashion house, Kimaya.

Varuna Jani

Hailing from the family of Popley, one of India’s most renowned jewellers, Varuna Jani grew up with an instinctive understanding of the trade. She harnesses both her expertise and unique aesthetic to create beautifully crafted, contemporary jewellery.

Soigne Kothari

Hailing from Manhattan, New York, Soigné Kothari has developed an affinity for luxury good and unwittingly acquired a taste for fine craftsmanship and elegant designs. Introducing premium Indian couture designers in the fashion radar of the US, Soigne K is credited to expand the horizons for Indian fashion in international retail.